Black premium Leather wallet for men

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Wallets hold the most important of things -Money...whether currency or cards...and deserve great respect, care and need to be a pride possession.

This wallet is made in real leather and with minimum possible number of leather cuttings. In fact this wallet is made from a single pc of leather and has just one joint.

The sheer feeling of holding this wallet in your hand will be a mood refresher and will make you "feel good". A real confidence booster.

Own it with pride or gift it to someone who cares for class, quality and luxury products. Get it & own that feeling NOW !

RFID enabled, to protect your digital privacy.

Standard size. Holds currency and 6 cards. No coin pocket. No transparent "ID pocket".

Not meant for heavy stuffing of paper slips etc.

Comes with a box for keeping, when not in use.

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PS: The class of this wallet will tempt you to take it out frequently. You are advised to please spend your hard earned money wisely and not each time you take out your wallet to feel it.